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The Smart Assessor

International Students

Achieve an Internationally Recognised Qualification

UK further education qualifications are recognised and respected by employers and academics throughout the world.

Gain a World-Class Education

UK education is all about giving you the inspiration to help you develop your skills, the freedom to be creative and the support to help you achieve your goals and be the best you can be.

Prepare for the Career of your Dreams

UK qualifications are a great boost to your CV… and to your earnings. Employers are increasingly looking for graduates with multicultural experience.

Study what you like, when you like and where you like. With thousands of UK further education courses on offer, you can follow your passions and choose a course that matches your goals and interests. You can choose to study online, or we can facilitate your preferences.

Want to Gain a UK Qualification from Outside the UK?

Every year, over 590,000 students worldwide gain a UK qualification without travelling to the UK. There are countless advantages to a UK qualification, but for many students moving to the UK to study is not possible.

We deliver UK-recognised, fully-accredited qualifications overseas, we have extensive quality assurance systems in place, and all our courses delivered overseas are subject to the same high standards as those taught within the UK.


Choosing a UK qualification delivered overseas can be more cost-effective than studying in the UK. You can save on airfare and living costs, you can also choose to study part-time and continue to work and earn a living alongside your studies.


  • Gaining a UK qualification will boost your employment prospects.
  • UK-educated international graduates have higher than average salaries.
  • Many international students study for a UK qualification part-time alongside a job – this lets you build experience in the workplace and progress in your career while studying.
  • You also benefit from studying in English whilst gaining a professional qualification.
  • Studying closer to home means that you can stay close to friends and family.

What Are the Options?

  • All Smart Assessor courses are delivered on-line.
  • You could also choose a programme that allows The Smart Assessor to deliver your course at your chosen venue or establishment.
  • Classroom-based courses are always available. We are fully flexible in facilitating your preferences. If you require us to travel to you to deliver our courses we are always happy to do so.
  • Fast Track Option: This is an intensive course, designed for those students wishing to gain their qualifications quickly.

UK Courses Around the World

Our UK-accredited courses are studied in many countries around the world. The most popular destinations are Europe, China, and United Arab Emirates.

On successful completion of our courses, the learner will achieve a fully-accredited UK-recognised qualification.